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Our team recognized from the beginning the critical importance of good design and effective user interface for public safety software. The team has been laser focused on usability of the UI throughout the design, development and iteration process.

The direct industry experience of the team and feedback from the public safety industry has been instrumental in the development of the workflow and user experience, resulting in a simple and effective software application.

Improve Incident Arrival Time

Incident Management System

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Benefits of Our Software

Add Value to Every Response & Improve Operations

Maximize Efficiency with Our Firefighter Incident Command SystemInformation = Time, Maximize Efficiency.

Our Incident Response Software Provides Real-Time DataBetter Decisions Backed by Real-Time Data

Assign Personnel Efficiently with Our Emergency Incident Management SoftwareAssign Personnel to your Aparatus, Tasks & Incidents

Our Incident Response Software Helps Keep Everyone Accounted ForEveryone Accounted for. Every time. End to end.

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Our Team

Justin and Anders are veterans in their respective industries. Their diverse experiences are highly complementary in the development, management, and growth of Incident Management Technology, Inc. Both founders have extensive entrepreneurship experience within diverse industries and firm sizes.

Justin BrundageJustin Brundage

A 30-year volunteer firefighter with Berwyn Fire Company. Berwyn Fire Company is a combination department located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Berwyn Fire Company provides fire prevention and suppression, basic rescue, technical rescue and also EMS (BLS & ALS) services to a suburban population of over 30,000 residents. In 2019 Berwyn Fire company handled responses to over 1000 fire incidents and over 2400 EMS incidents. Justin currently serves as Deputy Fire Chief, a position he has held at Berwyn for over 10 years.

In addition to his fire services experience Justin had worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and was a partial owner and the managing director of a mutual fund company and asset manager located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Justin retired from the mutual fund company in 2018 so that he could dedicate 100% of his efforts to the management of Incident Management Technology and the launch and development of PAMS personnel accountability software.

Anders NasmanAnders Nasman

A business development and supply chain leader with 20+ years of business development, supply chain management and operations experience from global manufacturing corporations as well as technology startups. Domain expertise includes U.S. healthcare, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and enterprise technology solutions.

Anders' passion is supporting the growth of small ideas into large business opportunities using his broad range of experiences, skills, and entrepreneurship. Anders has cultivated an extensive professional network that is also a fundamental component of transforming business ideas into reality.

Anders holds a BS & MSc in Electrical Engineering from Lund University in Sweden.