Personnel Accountability Management System (PAMS)

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    Personnel Accountability Management System

    The Most Effective Solution for Maintaining Accountability

    Incident Response Management Software

    Situational Readiness & Awareness

    Responders are THE Key Factor

    Every emergency response requires prompt a response by an adequate number of responders (Effective Response Force). Fire departments typically have little clarity regarding the number of responders or their expected arrive time, until now. PAMS provides all responders and officers full clarity and detail of personnel availability and response in real-time.

    Pre-Incident Preparedness

    Having real-time awareness of available and deployed staff is critical to establish the most effective fire department readiness.

    Response Phase

    Once dispatched responders must quickly determine response needs and measure if adequate resources are available and making prompt response.

    Incident Mitigation

    Maintaining awareness of available resources, personnel responses, crew assignments, and operating locations is critical for effective mitigation, and also for firefighter safety.

    Fire Department Management Software

    Firefighter Safety Matters.
    PAMS Makes it Happen.

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    *Mobile plan pricing is $75 per month for up to 75 responders. On duty staff viewer, incident alerting (CAD), see responders with ETA.

    How It Works


    Important staff and resource data available in real-time.

    Department Status Screen

    All personnel can see the available, deployed and responding staff and resources in real-time. A variety of status screens are available to personnel for viewing at station, responding to emergencies, on a mobile device and mitigating emergencies.

    Cloud-based software

    Viewable by all authorized personnel anywhere data connected.

    Viewable on any platform

    PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

    Personnel Accountability Software

    Improve your response Effectiveness.
    Improve your Safety.

    Incident Response

    Incident alerting from CAD sent to all personnel.

    Firefighter App

    Real-Time response detail.

    Incidents are sent to responder mobile app from CAD. Responders mark up if responding. System calculates each responder ETA and compiles that information so all responders can see who is responding, where they are responding, and their response ETA in real-time.


    Which personnel are responding Who are the apparatus staff


    Which apparatus are responding


    ETA of each responder

    Does your department have a common operations picture

    of personnel accountability on every response?

    Incident Management

    Maintain continuous and constant awareness of responder resources and assignments.

    Keep track and manage all responding and operating personnel.

    The mobile app is a web-based application that facilitates the real-time accountability, viewability, and management of all responders assigned to the emergency response. An intuitive interface and workflow enable accountability.

    Incident Management System

    Firefighter accountability

    Resource management

    Runs in the cloud on laptop or tablet

    Viewable by all staff and officers

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    PAMS Personnel Management

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    Personnel Accountability Software
    Incident Management System
    Firefighter App